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The blogosphere is ultimately a grass-roots marketing effort that scaled up. In a very big way. The right bloggers and communities hold true influence. They are social mavens who originate viral content, and inbound links from their blogs represent powerful sources of SEO “link juice.” But without the proper technology, it’s difficult to sort the influential blogs from the rest. Through our technology and our own group of “Moms in the Know” who receive traffic from our Bellafind community, we quantify influence.

67% of consumers trust blogs and editorial content, more than Facebook or TV ads.

Through the REACH platform, Buzz Digital gives you the ability to align your goals with the content efforts of blogs that have real traffic. Whether it’s driving traffic, sales, or social actions, we provide a turn-key blogger relationship platform as well as the opportunity to engage on a performance basis.


Our technology is powered by the REACH platform:

    • Manage brand assets
    • Target the right consumers
    • Track the results 24/7

Single Source:
We’ve formed relationships with thousands of publishers, working with each to ensure brand compliance and transparency and giving them the tools to connect the right consumer to the right brand. By working with Buzz Digital, brands benefit from the power of our publisher network, but outsource the account services, payments, and technology so they can focus on their core businesses.

Our experienced team utilizes the REACH platform combined with the newest in ad tech to drive results. With REACHtrack, you always have results at your fingertips while knowing that real people are working on your campaign to drive performance.

Reach: Reach: Over 3,000 blogs with a combined audience of over 16 milliion unique visitors. Skewed towards a female audience, our partners cover topics such as fashion, technology, DIY, cooking and parenting.

Pricing Models: CPM, CPC, CPL, Campaign-based

Targeting Capabilities:

    • 3rd party demographic data
    • By vertical
    • By blog

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