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Dedicated & newsletter email inventory

Many marketers think of email exclusively as a means to engage current customers. However, email can be one of your most quality, targeted sources of new customers. Email represents a huge opportunity to target, engage and acquire customers at an extremely competitive acquisition cost.

Over 50% of all email is now opened on a mobile device, offering marketers a channel to reach highly-qualified, opt-in consumes on any device.

Buzz Digital connects thousands of publishers with email databases to hundreds of brands looking to target all or part of their audience. Across our email network, we’ve aggraged over 32 million email addresses and offer brands the ability to target by geography, gender, and other consumer data sets.

Buzz Digital offers its clients both dedicated and newsletter email content


Our technology is powered by the REACH platform, which utilizes REACHtrust to ensure that email is a viable long-term channel for our clients.

  • Responsive email design
  • Email monitoring through seed accounts
  • CAN-SPAM compliance
  • Unsubscribe & suppression file management
  • Conversion tracking

Venn diagram

Single source

We’ve formed relationships with thousands of publishers, working with each to ensure brand compliance and transparency and giving them the tools to connect the right consumer to the right brand. By working with Buzz Digital, brands benefit from the power of our publisher network, but outsource the account services, payments, and technology so they can focus on their core businesses.


Our experienced team utilizes the REACH platform combined with the newest in ad tech to drive results. With REACHtrack, you always have results at your fingertips while knowing that real people are working on your campaign to drive performance.

Reach: Over 32 million emails aggregated from newsletters, content websites, financial companies, and more.

Pricing Models: CPM, CPC, CPL

Targeting Capabilities:

    • Proprietary publisher data
    • Gender
    • Education
    • Age
    • Geography

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