Digital performance marketing


Better acquisition through search, display, and retargeting

Our pay-per-click campaigns are built and optimized specifically to maximize conversions, profit and revenue. Our clients are not new to search and PPC traffic. But through our media buying platform for the ad exchanges and our own REACH technology, we build custom campaigns for each client upon their business model, needs, locations, and competition. This allows us to realize better returns on all PPC traffic, which in-turn, allows our clients to increase their overall budget within these channels.

For most brand, search remains the most cost-effective acquisition source but one in which they are seeing little growth.

We work transparently as an extension of your marketing team. We A/B test landing pages, test new inventory, and assess long-term customer value to ensure that you are getting the most from your ad budget

Our technology is powered by the REACH platform:

    • Manage brand assets
    • Target the right consumers
    • Track the results 24/7

Our REACH dashboard lets you see your social stats, cross-platform, in real-time along with all your key performance indictators With REACHtrack, you always have results at your fingertips while knowing that real people are working on your campaign to drive performance.

Reach: Search, Contextual and display advertising with access to over 12 different ad exchanges

Pricing Models: CPL, CPA, Retainer

Campaigns: Media buying, Custom promotions, Twitter parties, Bellafind campaigns

Targeting Capabilities:

    • Proprietary exchange data
    • Behavioral data & 3rd party data
    • Keyword
    • Cookie-based data