Digital performance marketing

What We Do

We reach, engage & acquire new customers

How It Works



Your integrate our technology on your website or landing page (it’s easy – we promise).



We drive traffic through email, social and content posts within our network.



Based off your ideal demographic & the consumers who are converting, we build look-alike audiences.



We target these new consumers, decreasing your acquisition costs and increasing your ROI.

We leverage our REACH technology, our network of partner publishers, and our team to develop your next marketing success story.




We dive deep to understand your business and your customer.  It’s the only way we can be successful.
  • Target Consumer
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Business & Marketing Assets


You only make a first impression once.  We maximize your brand’s chance of success.
  • Exclusive inventories
  • Predictive targeting
  • A/B testing


Investing in the most profitable channels to convert new customers while decreasing costs and increasing engagement.
  • Brand monitoring & compliance
  • Channel Expansion
  • Real-time Reporting


Why it matters

  • Buzz Digital is multi-channel and cross-device.  We reach consumers on the screen and in the place when they are most receptive.

  • Buzz Digital is focused on what counts.  We not only deliver results, we do it at scale through 5 of the 7 channels that marketing executives say matter most (AdAge)

  • Buzz Digital is end-to-end.  Our technology and capabilities allow us to acquire traffic, create the assets, and optimize the whole process to gain efficiencies and improve results.


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